Welcome to Mosborough Elim Church. We'd love to see you come along to the Sunday morning service (11am start) so you can get a taste of who we are and what we're about; however you might not be familiar with what takes place as we meet. 


Whilst every meeting is not the same  we hope the following will at least give you an impression of things that could happen.


Our meetings

People often ask the same questions when they come to one of our meetings; so here are some answers, to help you feel more at home with us. If you have more questions, please ask – either the person who introduced you to the church, or one of the leaders.

Why do we meet?

We meet because we are part of God’s family and we want to learn more about Him and express our worship to Him together. During our meetings we often sing. Some songs are lively, expressing our gratitude to God; some are more quiet and thoughtful, expressing love and worship. Some people may sit, some may stand or kneel, or raise their hands or dance – all of these are simply different ways to express ourselves towards God.

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What else might happen?

God loves to communicate with us and sometimes that may occur during our time together. God enables us to use spiritual gifts and this may involve Him speaking through one of the congregation to perhaps reinforce something in a different way.

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The Sermon

We generally make time in our meetings to listen to someone talk from the Bible. This is very important to us, as the Bible is God’s written means of communication with us. It helps us understand how He thinks and what He likes, like a letter from our heavenly Father. The Bible is our handbook for life. You may see people making notes on the sermon for future reference, study and personal application.

Sharing our Stories

Whilst many of the activities that take place tend to involve someone leading from the front, we actively encourage followers of Jesus to share their stories. Jesus has brought change into our lives and He hears and answers our prayers, we love to be able to share that publicly so others are encouraged that He is at work.


Communion is something that we do because Jesus told us to. As we break and share the bread, drink the wine and pray together, it reminds us of the significance of Jesus’ death. The broken bread reminds us of His body broken on the cross and the wine reminds us of His blood – He died so that we could be friends with God. We share communion every two weeks.

Our Giving

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We believe that being able to give something back to God for his goodness towards us is an act of our worship. During our meetings, you may see us collecting money as we sing and worship God - don't worry no-one is obliged to give anything, unless they want to offer it. 

Some money is used for the general running costs of the church, for example to pay staff. Some is used for special projects, such as helping missionaries overseas or helping someone in need.

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After the service ends we love to catch up with one another with a cuppa, build relationship and rapport with everyone whether its their first time or their hundreth. It's a great time to find out about others and support one another both prayerfully and practically.