The Elim church in Mosborough was founded at the end of 1961 by Pastor Graham Barker and prior to that was built and used as a place of worship by The Glynn Vivian Miners Mission from 1905. The first picture shows a picture taken in 1957 where the original Mission Hall on the right was used before they moved next door to the existing site. For further historical information about the Glynn Vivian Miners Mission please click here.


Our current building is shown below both in 1957 and today.


We have great respect for those who have gone before us for such a time as this. Many have planted a legacy that exists in the lives of those transformed by Jesus in this community and beyond over the last 100 years, yet we know God's work of reaching out continues to be a priority for Mosborough Elim Church in the 21st Century.



Our History


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