Meet The Team


Rev Lee



Lee has been Senior Pastor of Mosborough Elim Church since June 2017.  Previously he had served at Stirchley Community Church, Birmingham.  

Lee made the move to Sheffield with his wife Vicky who is a Conductor assistant and their daughter Daisy.

Vicky also does a lot of work around the church including Sunday school, community officer and runs the Toy Library 2.

Lee and Vicky's passion is for the local church to be part of the community and for God to be a shining light in the community.





Titus has been an Elder at Mosborough Elim church since 1991. Titus was brought up in a Christian home but came to know the Lord in 1978 in his home country Nigeria.

Titus testimony is that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8 ) Jesus does not change. He will not recant His words. He will not revoke His offer of unconditional love and grace. As the world gets increasingly worse, Jesus is the anchor that keeps us safe until the end.

Titus is a Chartered Accountant by profession and he is married to Laura and they are blessed with three children - Damilola, Ruth and Armstrong.





Sharon has been a Deacon at Mosborough Elim Church since 2002, following what can only be described as a 'Damascus Road' encounter with God who revealed Himself to Sharon whilst she went to the Central Sheffield Elim church.


Sharon has discovered that Mosborough Elim Church is 'home' for her and recognises most importantly that this is where God intended for her to be.





Dot has been a Deacon at Mosborough Elim Church since 2004.


Dot encountered God at the age of 14 when challenged by a visiting missionary. She recommitted her life to Jesus on her moving to Sheffield from Birmingham in 1987 she has three daughters seven grandchildren, and three great grandsons